"...if anyone makes the assistance of grace depend on the humility or obedience of man and does not agree that it is a gift of grace itself that we are obedient and humble, he contradicts the Apostle who says, "What have you that you did not receive?" (1 Cor. 4:7), and, "But by the grace of God I am what I am" (1 Cor. 15:10). (Council of Orange: Canon 6)


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    A Quote on Election

    After giving a brief survey of these doctrines of sovereign grace, I asked for questions from the class. One lady, in particular, was quite troubled. She said, 'This is the most awful thing I've ever heard! You make it sound as if God is intentionally turning away men and women who would be saved, receiving only the elect.' I answered her in this vein: 'You misunderstand the situation. You're visualizing that God is standing at the door of heaven, and men are thronging to get in the door, and God is saying to various ones, 'Yes, you may come, but not you, and you, but not you, etc.' The situation is hardly this. Rather, God stands at the door of heaven with His arms outstretched, inviting all to come. Yet all men without exception are running in the opposite direction towards hell as hard as they can go. So God, in election, graciously reaches out and stops this one, and that one, and this one over here, and that one over there, and effectually draws them to Himself by changing their hearts, making them willing to come. Election keeps no one out of heaven who would otherwise have been there, but it keeps a whole multitude of sinners out of hell who otherwise would have been there. Were it not for election, heaven would be an empty place, and hell would be bursting at the seams. That kind of response, grounded as I believe that it is in Scriptural truth, does put a different complexion on things, doesn't it? If you perish in hell, blame yourself, as it is entirely your fault. But if you should make it to heaven, credit God, for that is entirely His work! To Him alone belong all praise and glory, for salvation is all of grace, from start to finish. - Mark Webb

    Posted by John Samson on February 3, 2006 01:19 PM


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    Well done Mark. Great analogy as well. I might use it some time.


    Very well put, in a thoughtful and accurate analogy. It amazes me to no end that even when election is explained this way, that many still see it as the fabrication of man and the painting of God as unloving and unjust. The doctrines of grace and the realization of God's electing and his effective call on my life, humbles me the more I think on it and gives me comfort and hope. It is a wonderful doctrine!!!

    I'd like to echo Dallas' comments. Thank you Mark.

    I too echo Dallas' remarks. On the other hand, the arrogance of Man amazes me. We seem to think that we are all perfectly capable of choosing God and eternal life, but the doctrines of grace make it clear that only those whom God regenerates will ever do that. We are rescued by His Amazing Grace!

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

    I've read quite a few pieces on the doctrine of election, including William Lane Craig's middle knowledge articles (after which I took two aspirin), but this tightly constructed analogy might be the most helpful bit I've seen. Attempting to go any deeper is just academic tiddly winks. Thanks.

    After reading C.J. Mahaney perspectives on" Sovereign Grace and the Glorious Mystery of Election." I have been truly enlightened by the simple yet gospel centered way that election has been explained. Thank you for being a true servant of Jesus Christ and explaining hard truths in laymans terms. I am forever grateful for your quote.

    In Christ

    Darryl Edwards

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