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    Excellent Reformed Resource on Da Vinci Code !

    The Truth about Da Vinci

    On Good Friday, Westminster Theological Seminary launched, a response website to the best-selling novel by Dan Brown and forthcoming movie The Da Vinci Code. "We have been struck by the great number of people whose faith has been shaken by the mixture of fact and fiction portrayed in this tale," says Dr. William Edgar, professor of apologetics and faculty coordinator of the project. "We want to help them as they confront this phenomenon. While a number of 'rebuttal sites' exist, ours is meant to combine responses to distorted facts with our understanding of the spiritual and presuppositional issues that inform them."

    Among the resources provided on the website are articles, audio, videos, and book recommendations that set the record straight and commend the historic Christian faith. Additional features will be added soon. Use this website to answer any questions that you may have, as well as those who ask you, particularly in light of the immensely popular book and the upcoming film directed by Ron Howard.

    In Christ,
    Pastor Charles

    Posted by Charles Biggs on April 26, 2006 04:10 PM


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    Westminster Theological Seminary has launched, which serves as an excellent resource to answer all your questions about Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code, as well as the upcoming movie that is scheduled to hit the... [Read More]


    Wow, thanks! I'll be sure to check out the site. I've been doing a lot of research on this subject recently (I want to make a blog post about it) so this should be a good help.

    God be with you,

    A. Shepherd
    Aspiring Theologian

    The Aspiring Theologian Blog: A Young Theologian's Blog

    I agree in that a "new" Christian should not be given this book to read as it might shake the newly found faith, etc. The ideas in this book of fiction aren't new, however, which can be confirmed by "Googling" Mary Magdalene and/or other "sources" named in Brown's work of fiction. I have read other books which offer "facts" that differ from what most Christians accept as fact. My faith hasn't been shaken one iota, but these sources have make me revisit why and what I believe which I think is good - - at least it was for me. I've read Brown's four books, three of which deal with religious philosophy. He weaves just a few items of truth with the fiction which creates a good read, if you like mysteries. Clancy does the same with his military novels, weaving real places and events with fictional characters creating interesting stories. Too much attention is being drawn to this and that in turn is going to cause many more to want to see this movie. What about the Agnostic books recently found, the Gospel of Judas, the TV "documentary" on Jesus not actually being crucified, etc.? We give too much ink, time, and effort to those with whom we disagree. Why not just lead the type of life we are taught to lead, and let our witnessing do the job? I personally believe that will have a much greater effect on the weak Christians and non-believers in our midst. What say you?


    You said>>>>Why not just lead the type of life we are taught to lead, and let our witnessing do the job? I personally believe that will have a much greater effect on the weak Christians and non-believers in our midst. What say you?

    True, yet opportunities like this only come ones in a couple odxen years. It has been served to us on a silver platter. What a great opportunity to bear witenss to the historic person and work of Christ. The movie brings up the very questions we hope unbeliever will ask. We are not giving witness to ourselves but the Christ and what He has done. You said, "let our witnessing do the job." What is our witnessing if it is not a witness to the reality of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. That is what we witness nad the conversations started by the controversies of the movie are exactly the kind of ideas we hope people will wrestle with. It is not about people losing their faith .. on the contrary, it makes people think about the very things that are needful.

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