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    The Gospel of Judas

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few days, I am sure you would be very much aware of the media frenzy concerning the Gospel of Judas. The subject is filling the news right now.

    In seeking to give a defense of the Christian faith against the claims of this second century "Gospel of Judas" (it was not written by the Judas of the Gospels) I have to say, there really isn't too much to worry about here. One way to find that out is to read the thing for yourself. It is very disjointed, and in all honesty, well... just plain silly. Its a fairly short document, so it won't take too long to read. When the topic comes up in conversation, as with most things of this nature, it always helps to be able to say that you have read it. Here's where you can read the Gospel of Judas.
    - Pastor John Samson

    Posted by John Samson on April 9, 2006 10:10 AM


    Thanks, Pastor Samson, for the info. Unfourtunately, I believe that many people in the modern church are all too susceptible to false doctrines and books like the Gospel of Judas. We can only hope that this controversy might be an opportunity for the furthering of the truth, rather than a hindering to the church.

    A. Shepherd
    The Aspiring Theologian

    The Aspiring Theologian Blog: A Reformed Theology Blog

    I started reading the gospel of Judas and it was so blasphemous that I couldn't get past the second scene. None of those are believable.

    I do have a question for you John. The gospel of Judas surfaced in the seventies but why is it becoming popular in this year. Also, there are a whole other anti-Christian articles like Jesus walking on ice, Jesus papers coming out now. What is the reason? Is this some kind of a movement that is leading Christians astray?

    I just wrote a line about Jesus walking on ice is untrue and comments are pouring in (both Christ followers and others). Here is the link :

    This topic seems to be the soup de jour. I read a copy of it yesterday. I agree that we should be informed because people may ask questions. You're right, there's not much there. It appears to be a post-hoc attempt to paint Judas in a positive light and incorporate Gnostic/Greek philosophy into the gospel story. I'm sure it'll attract some attention, but like everything else in this will soon fade and disappear. In the meantime, we can use it to our advantage--at least we'll have some interesting discussions about Jesus around the water cooler this week.

    I read some of the "Gospel of Judas" last week on Alpha and Omega. I stopped reading because it is such a ludicrously silly piece of work. However, I used to work for a fellow who would have jumped all over something like this in an attempt to challenge my faith. He was constantly confronting me with something like, "How can you believe the Bible since is so full of contradictions." I would respond , "Show me one and we'll talk." He never could.

    Those whose faith is shattered by silly things like this gnostic work and books by Dan Brown I would say never had that faith to begin with.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

    Amen, Mr. Ratliff! Well said.

    A. Shepherd
    Aspiring Theologian

    The Aspiring Theologian Blog: A Reformed Theology Blog

    Some members of my Sunday School class expressed concern this week over the discovery of this book. I reminded them that there are other "gospels" out there (like the gospel of Thomas) which are frauds and in no way diminish the Word of God.

    While this book may provide us some wonderful insight into the gnostics it is not Earth-shattering.

    it should matter greatly to all involved that the text of this gnostic document was not written by Judas himself. The Gospels and the epistles were written by first century persons who actually knew the Lord Jesus Christ personally. The person who wrote this text wrote it well over 100 years after the fact of the resurrection. they weren't even there and had never known the Lord. There should be given no more credance to this than the most absurd triffle.

    What an opportunity we have as believers to point people to the truth. The more these Gnostic/New Age "scholars" continue to plot and work in vain against the rock-solid integrity and inerrancy of God's Word, the more the "wise" can be and are shown to be foolish. I am excited when people ask me about what I think of the Da Vinci Code, the Gospel of Judas, or the recent "expert opinion" that Jesus walked on ice rather than water. It's a lot easier to move a conversation started like that toward the Gospel than one that starts with the weather.

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