"...if anyone makes the assistance of grace depend on the humility or obedience of man and does not agree that it is a gift of grace itself that we are obedient and humble, he contradicts the Apostle who says, "What have you that you did not receive?" (1 Cor. 4:7), and, "But by the grace of God I am what I am" (1 Cor. 15:10). (Council of Orange: Canon 6)


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    Has Anyone Seen John Hendryx? by Pastor John Samson

    Has anyone seen John Hendryx? I don't just mean in the last week or so? I mean, ever!

    In preparation for last Sunday's sermon I was seeking to use a profound quote from Mr. Hendryx, and as I was using powerpoint, wanted to find a photograph of the man to go with it. Guess what? The man's photo is hard to find. There's this one, found here, but it is so blurry, it is hardly useful. I mean, could you, using just this photograph, spot this guy if he was walking past you along the street? I couldn't!

    I am not normally one for conspiracy theories but... why the dark sunglasses and blurry photograph?

    Though I have felt for some time that John Hendryx is a good friend of mine, it just dawned on me... you know, I've never actually seen him. Oh, I send e-mails to him, and I get responses... but who exactly is responding?

    I've talked on the phone to a guy who SAID he was John Hendryx. I asked, "is that John?" he said, "errr.. yeah" and he mumbled something about monergistic regeneration... but was that REALLY him? Would I hear the same voice if I called again at a different time of the day? Or would another guy answer and repeat the same monergistic mantra? When we do call and hear stuff like "yeah, like Luther the German dude said 'Here as I stand or fall in limited atonement, simul justus sola fide and gloria'" - shouldn't it make us just a little suspicious?

    So the real question is this - have we all been duped? Can anyone out there prove the guy exists?

    The one blurry photo with dark sunglasses just adds to the mystery of this master spiritual guru and teacher. Who exactly is this man? How can he have written so much and have so much influence and yet no one has taken a clear photo of him???

    Hmmm... is John Hendryx his real name??? Is he a real person??? Does he only appear to be real (donatist heresy revisited)? Does he walk on water before breakfast?

    Or is John Hendryx a name used by a group of writers? Maybe that's it. Is he legion (many)? Is that why he is such a prolific writer?

    Oh, the questions just keep coming...

    and unless there is a clear photograph out there - speculation as to the true identity of John Hendryx, I'm afraid, will always be with us.

    And if we find that there is no John Hendryx as such, how do we handle this news?

    For one thing, I think we'll really have to guard against the hysteria of supposed Hendryx sitings (like the people who think they have seen Elvis in Memphis or just outside Las Vegas in the last week or so)... It would definitely spawn a new media frenzy if the truth came out.. look for "the Reformed National Enquirer" to jump on the story in a heart beat.

    The latest rumor I hear is that Hollywood is working on a new movie... "The Hendryx Code." Its filled with murder, intrigue and conspiracy stuff about what is actually in the pearl necklesses he is giving to people. Some speculate that the pearls contain some sort of aroma that lulls synergists into orthodoxy... but nothing is actually proven at this stage.

    Can anyone out there help me? Marco, Charles, Nathan, Eric... have any of you.... has anyone at all... ever actually seen John Hendryx?

    And John... if you really ARE real, can you give us a sign? - a clear photo of yourself or something? Please don't just quote "blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe!" That's eisegesis of the biblical text. The real John Hendryx would know that... the real John Hendryx taught us that! But... come to think of it... was that really John teaching us?

    I am so confused right now. I think we all are.

    We believe brother John, please help our unbelief! Tell us plainly, are you the John, or should we look for another?

    Posted by John Samson on May 2, 2006 04:35 PM


    I total agree with you John, in all the time I have been on this site, I have never seen any personal note on who John H is? I do really wonder

    Charles E. Whisnant

    Pastor John

    Tears ... you are quite the comedian.

    "Please don't just quote "blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe!" That's eisegesis of the biblical text." :)

    "Show us your photo, and it is enough for us"

    John 14:8 (NIV - Nearly Infallible Version)

    A whole panel of John H.'s answering email and writing these convicting posts? Wow, who woulda thunk it?

    We're waiting to see 'da man' Johnny H.
    John H. John H. John H. .... (banging on my table at the same time)

    I think you should disable his ability to post until he reveals his picture (hint hint) ;)

    Just kidding. John H. is a great guy, God is really working in his life, if his writings are any scale of measurement.

    God Bless.



    The article & comments calls for further speculation...

    Would a picture give definitive revelation to the real question...

    Is the mysterious John H. a confessor to "Hendrixism"?

    Has he morphed into a "Hyper-hendrixist"?

    Or, worse, is he a dreaded "R-many-hendrixian" in virtual "ovis-aries-istic" (sheep) clothing?

    On a serious note, THANKS to John H. and all contributors from a pastor that preached a synergistic gospel (for 30+ years.) The Lord awakened me to monergistic regeneration and YOUR SITE WAS THE PRIMARY TOOL USED OF GOD TO PRESENT HIS WORD.

    Keep up the good work.

    I have seen him with my own eyes—even shaken his hand!

    I've got a nice picture of John and his wife, Lynn, from our church's photo directory. I'd post it, but then your faith wouldn't be faith, now would it?

    But Thomas was not with Eric when John H. made himself known to him... and said, "Unless I see John's photograph, and place my fingers around the edges of it, and see how it conforms to his drivers license, I will not believe."

    John 20:24,25 AIV (Almost Infallible Version)

    So there's four of you John?

    How do we address you, now that you have so graciously made yourself known to us in this way?

    1 John?
    2 John?
    3 John?
    Your Johanine-ness?

    Oh yeah... those are a great improvement over the friendly blur with sunglasses. About as clarifying and illuminating to the right apprehension of John Hendryx as the gospel of Thomas is to a right apprehension of the true Gospel.

    I'm sorry for your plight, Pastor Samson. Fortunately for me, I am not in the dark as some, being here in Oregon and in relatively close proximity to J.W.H. I have actually beheld him face to face. Although, I was rather disappointed to learn that the sunglasses were not a permanent feature as I had previously supposed.

    Stephen Hesselman


    No man can behold the John unless thou drawest him for us... canst thou not draweth us a cartoon caricature of J.W.H., as thou hast done for others? Verily, this will straightway sufficeth us...

    Pastor Samson,

    Verily, I have not beheld such great faith, not even on TBN! I would be happy to drawest thou a charicature from whence thou may beholdest John (and would have earlier), except that I have a theory that the J.W.H. has not a photo available with resolution higher than 4 pixels by 5 pixels, for the express purposes of thwarting my efforts. See how he taunts us with phantasmagorical photoshop-filter distortions of himself! Perhaps, next time I see him, I can wear my James Bond necktie on my personage and snap a better photo from whence to draw. :)

    This was rather funny! And NIV (Nearly Infallible Version)? Now that's a good one!

    In search of the historical John Hendryx...

    In this essay, we shall to apply critical theory in order to discern, "Who is John Hendryx?"

    Our primary source text is here:

    Applying the standard of multiple attestation, this essay fails as it attributed to one author. It may however, be the synthesis of a community of persons who have added to the Hendryx myth over time.

    We lack any independent confirmation or corroboration for most-all of the autobiographical details.

    2.Since the memoirs are written to justify the conversion of the protagonist, they will also flunk the criterion of disinterestedness. They are secular hagiographa.

    The autobiographical protagonist as a personal stake in the outcome.

    What is more, he has financial incentive see here:

    Finally, the memoir also flunks the criterion of dissimilarity, for there are no original or distinctive ideas in his material—no sayings whose intellectual pedigree cannot be traced to the religious background of the protagonist, his formal education, or his secular acculturation.

    So, based on historical criticism alone, there is no probative evidence to believe that John Hendryx is a real person. He is, rather, just a literary construct.

    Let us move on to myth criticism:

    About 20 years ago as a college student the Lord made Himself known to me when I had a dramatic conversion out of the occult and eastern mysticism. The Holy Spirit, opened my spiritually blind eyes to undertand the gospel, turned my heart of stone to a heart of flesh, and stirred up my faith while reading Deut 9:18 & Rom 9:16,18.

    Notice the stereotypical coming-of-age motif, wherein the hero’s conversion functions as a rite of passage from adolescence to manhood.

    After undergraduate studies I worked and lived overseas as a missionary/church planter for ten years. Both my wife and I have now returned to the US to further our theological education and engage in ministry full time. We do however, continue to pray that we have the opportunity to return some overseas someday.

    Notice the preoccupation with water. This is clearly an archetype of ideal experience as it represents a time which the protagonist remembers fondly. Notice also the emergence of a quest motif in which the hero undertakes an ordeal testing his powers, perhaps causes some defeats, but he overcomes them to return home in triumph. Alternatively, this could be a journey motif, meant to convey character development. I personally favor this option as it ends with a statement that he now attends RTS. Clearly "Reformed" signifies that he has overcome many obstacles, believes himself a better person, etc. This perhaps signals a rebirth of some sort.

    We are concerned very little about small matters of doctrine that divide churches but have a zeal that the church be continually reforming its view of God and His grace. We believe that many evangelicals have replaced the Gospel with a substitute product, perhaps unwittingly, so our hope is to point us back to Jesus as He revealed Himself in the Scriptures. One important way to do this is to take great care when introducing something novel into the faith. We should not sell ourselves out to every trendy new idea that comes our way, because new does not necessarily mean better.

    Definitely an archetype of unideal experience.

    I have been married for thirteen years and currently live in Portland Oregon.

    Ah, the hero as romantic! The story is conveying an idealization of human experience, a wish-fulfillment, perhaps a time of great prosperity. It's placement near the center of the narrative suggests it was added during the middle period, possibly to signify the peak of this community's development or achievement, a time of great blessing and hope for the future.

    The Lord has blessed this ministry with continual growth and made me the sole designer and maintainer of the website and so I do need your help!!! This is a massive undertaking and is now a full time job for me. There are many gracious brothers and sisters who write me to submit articles, offer suggestions or offer technical help. I welcome all such inquiries, assistance or submissions. Furthermore, anyone with technical skills or the willingness to point out (snip).

    Yet the hero feels a sense of helplessness, typified by the plea for help. This may possible come from a later source, likely written to express a time of great distress in the community, a stereotypical trial by ordeal.

    It is clear from myth criticism that “John Hendryx” is a mythopoetic fiction possiblly drawn from myths circulating in the NW United States in the late 19th century, which can further be traced to the North American Eskimo peoples. American folklore likely picked up on a primitive construction, added several details to Westernize the story and make it more palatable. The later material, speaking to the trial by ordeal may indeed be of fairly recent origin, signifying the Native American cry for help due to the perceived oppression of the American people.

    The KJV conversation reminded me of SacredSandwich's KJV for Kids Ad("Verily! Verily! Cool Bijbel") and Gene that is Hilarious!!!

    I have some cool photos of my dear ol china plate Cobber Bro! Here is one of them:
    John Hendryx
    ROFLOL! :) Just kidding, just kidding!
    soli Deo gloria

    "Show us your photo, and it is enough for us"

    John 14:8 (NIV - Nearly Infallible Version)


    Dear Sir;
    I want to know if you know John MacArthur?
    If you do, is his faith on Monergism Regeneration ? Does he agree with TULIP ?
    I have "Regeneration" by John Hendryx in my Kindle Fire.
    Also TULIP by Edwin H. Palmer
    I am happy with them I was Arminism but now Calinism / Reformed Faith.

    Can you answer about John MacArthur's writings ?

    Yours in Christ's
    Richard Howell (deaf and vision impaired person from Victoria, Australia)

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