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    When Charles is crowned King of England

    Prince Charles has long been a proponent of religion - all types of religion. One of the titles given to the King or Queen of England is "Defender of the Faith" - the faith here refering to the Christian faith. However, Charles has long said that he would want to change this title to "Defender of the Faiths" in keeping with his snycretistic religious world view.

    Along this line, it has emerged this week that when the time finally comes for Prince Charles to become King of England, his coronation will not be a distinctly Christian ceremony, breaking with the tradition of many centuries. Instead it will be a decidedly multi-faith event. See here.

    Posted by John Samson on September 30, 2006 12:05 PM


    Funny that, the last time Charles brought this bit up the Archbishop of Canterbury told him fine but he would not be crowned by the Church of England (necessary bit under British Law, I think Rowan will get his disestablishment and so will the Prime Minister so that he can be the third President of England [First and Second having the last name of Cromwell], but I digress), granted that was the previous ABC who was considered more conservative. But then again Charles is already in an illegal marriage. English law forbids anyone in the line of succession marrying a Catholic hence why he originally married Diana and not Camilla. But hey when the current ABC joins the druids after hearing of his selection as ABC is there any wonder over the debacle in the Anglican communion?

    It just confirms that the UK is a pagan country. It is totally inappropriate that it should be held in Westminster Abbey. Wembley Stadium would be a better venue, provided the Queen doesn't abdicate for at least a year!
    There will be a lot of Anglicans who will be uncomfortable at this political compromise by the Arch Bishop of C. and the dean of WA. I'm sure the Arch Bishop of York would not condone this position. It'll be interesting to see the reaction of the Anglican evangelicals.

    Yikes, this is terrible news. It's so sad. Do you think most Brits would likely support him on this (even though I realize the UK is hardly a Christian nation at all)?

    On the plus side, at least it appears he's a Liverpool fan! :-)

    Do you mean to tell me the Church of England is compromising its Christian beliefs and heritage!?

    When did that happen? :)

    At this rate, the PCUSA might be next!

    It's a long way to Tipperary! He should just go to Ireland more. Maybe watch some Father Ted. :-)

    If he just had a beer while watching Father Ted he'd look more like the Burger King. ;-)

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