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    A story to break the ice...

    A reformed pastor friend of mine called Graeme Adams from Dundee, Scotland e-mailed me today because he is due to speak to the Dundee University Christian Union on Friday evening and has been asked to address the topic of the Trinity. His big request was for a funny story he could use as a warm up to the subject... Here's my response...

    Graeme, you might start by saying this...

    Well good evening everyone. It is a privilege to be with you tonight, especially as for much of the week, it didn't look like I would make it here to be with you... That's because early in the week I was walking in the main Dundee park when all of a sudden a man came from behind and hit me THREE TIMES over the head... but he left only ONE huge lump on my head... I was wondering why this happened, and then it dawned on me... I am due to be talking on the subject of the Trinity later this week, and maybe God is trying to give me an illustration I can use.

    I prayed, "if that is you Lord... can you do it again?"

    Just then, another man came up to me, this time from the front, and stabbed me with a knife THREE times.. but even though I was stabbed in three different places, I only went to ONE hospital.

    "Gosh, this is great," I thought to myself. "God is really helping me with my message preparation."

    But later on in the day, while the pain medication was having very little effect and doctors were scrambling to stop the bleeding, all alone on my hospital bed, I began to get discouraged, and even thought that all of these events might be mere coincidence... I mean, Dundee is a VERY rough place to live, and it could all be just a series of coincidences that led the attackers to me...

    So I said, "Lord, please excuse my unbelief here.. but if these events are from you...can you give me a sign?"

    Just then, the first attacker came into my hospital room, along with the second.. the first man hit me THREE times again over the head, and the second stabbed me THREE times in the stomach... and after they left, a nurse came in and spilled my dinner all over me.. and amazing as it may seem... though she only spilled the ONE meal on me, there were THREE things left on my pyjamas... potatoe, carrots and chicken.

    (Then you can say this Graeme) So, people... God really has an interest in communicating this message on the Trinity to you.. and has gone to some severe trouble to give me these illustrations for you..

    Yet as good as these illustrations are, NONE of them are actually accurate illustrations of the Trinity.. why?

    Well God is ONE in essence but THREE in personality... and although the hits to the head numbered three, each hit was not a personality... there were three stab wounds, but each stab wound was likewise not a personality, and though the meal was ONE meal, and had THREE items... potatoes, carrots and chicken meat are not personalities...

    (Graeme, say all this.. and then, you're away)

    Reader: Please pray for Pastor Graeme and those who will hear him on Friday evening... maybe one of the things we should pray for is that he would have the wisdom NOT to use this story!

    Posted by John Samson on November 28, 2006 10:52 AM


    I offer this prayer:

    "Lord, for[give] the idiot who sent that story to Graeme.
    And forgive me for being so foolish as to believe it too!

    Not his will but Your Will be done Lord on that appointed night before those that will gather. So move this man to speak by the power of the Holy Ghost Your Message...

    This is really good. Thank you for posting this story, I have put it on my site.

    I love the nurse part!

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