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    Mnt Hood

    As you may know, three experienced mountain climbers were lost here on Mt. Hood (right near where we live) in Oregon. One of them was Kelly James, who's body was found after 8 days of failed rescue attempts. The bad weather made it nearly impossible for any resue crews to reach them. Kelly was a member of a PCA congregation in Dallas, TX. His brother, Frank James, is President of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL and was my Church History professor. Please pray for their family and for the continued rescue effort for the remaining two men who have not yet been found found. The weather has been quite terrible, but the rescue crews and the families are hopeful that these men are hunkered in a snow cave waiting for the weather to pass.

    If you need a beautiful example of a Christian interacting with the media and hoping in God during a trial, go to KATU Channel 2 News ( and watch the raw video coverage from last Wednesday. Frank James addresses the media and reads a statement from the families. It is moving and instructive to those of us who represent Christ Jesus in this world.

    Posted by John on December 18, 2006 01:49 PM


    I feel for the families, and I'm sorry for the loss of lives...BUT... these climbers, by choosing to climb at this dangerous time of year have foolishly put the lives of hundreds of search and rescue team members at risk... for what? Adventure? A Thrill? Sport?

    My prayer is also for the Sheriff and the rescue workers there at Hood River as well as the families and friends of these three men, having been a part of a rescue group myself in the past. We take these matters personally and sometimes it affects us for a long time afterwards, both the success stories and the not so successful outcomes.

    I, having had those roller coaster rides myself, can't imagine what a "non" believer goes through who is a part of the Search and Rescue operation doing it without Christ's consolation by the power of the Holy Ghost or the Words of Scripture to turn to for strength and comfort during those lonely quiet moments wondering.

    Religion just cannot help in these times of difficulty.

    "Lord, bless all the parties to this event, those who experience the loss of the husbands, fathers and brothers and the emotional loss all experience because of the various brotherhoods, those lost, those seeking them who feel they lost, both the men and women, and the Sheriff especially, seeing the responsibility rests with him as too where it should, when it should, how it should and what should be done now and from now on.

    Grant Grace
    Grant Mercy
    Grant Peace to them all,
    In the Faith, Hope and Love given to all who call upon the Name of the Lord.
    Grant Your consolation in Christ to them.

    I found the news conference very moving as did my wife. Yes, that was a tremendous example for how we who have our blessed hope in our Lord Jesus Christ interact with secular people such as the media.

    In don't know how I would react if my brother or son or anyone close to me was taken away like that. I'm sure I would go through some devastation, but also I know that I would fall full in the waiting arms of my savior for grace and, of course, His joy through which we stand and not fall and do good works that bring Him glory.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

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