"...if anyone makes the assistance of grace depend on the humility or obedience of man and does not agree that it is a gift of grace itself that we are obedient and humble, he contradicts the Apostle who says, "What have you that you did not receive?" (1 Cor. 4:7), and, "But by the grace of God I am what I am" (1 Cor. 15:10). (Council of Orange: Canon 6)


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    How Do I Know I am Saved?

    If you claim Christ is your king and you His subject, how is it that He came to occupy the highest place of your affections, that throne atop your heart?

    Prior to your redemption, the flesh and Satan quietly possessed your greatest affections, and like the rest, you were Satan's slave, his vassal. And since he thus reigned over your heart (and was much stronger than you) how did this transformation to Christ take place? There is no doubt that Satan would have never willingly relinquished his reign of power over you. And you, being under the bondage of your own corrupt nature and Satan's dominion over you, would not have been willing to simply renounce, nor able to resist the Devil's binding power, since he had taken you captive to do his will (2 Tim 2:26). For the flesh, the world and the Devil were enemies too powerful for you – they were greater and had vast superiority over your base affections. You were their plaything and that, most willingly. You could not untangle yourself nor did you want to, for you loved darkness (John 3:19 ) and most willingly suppressed the truth in unrighteousness (Rom 1:18 ). Mere exterior persuasion did not scratch the surface of your heart.

    That Christ now reigns, then, must be the end result of Christ's own resurrection victory over those enemies which enslaved you. Did Christ rescue you out of the clutches of Satan (who was marching you toward hell) and out of the bondage of your own lusts in the same way He rescued the Israelites out of Egypt? Do you have no hope save Christ in alone, no merit saves that which Christ grants, no strength save that which Christ imparts, no nourishment save that which Christ feeds, no boast save in the cross of Jesus Christ alone? Through the preaching of the gospel did you hear God calling you as He once called Saul, blinding you to your own corrupt understanding, tearing down the rotten edifice you had built, building a new one in its place, stirring up your heart and affections toward Christ, opening your ears to His voice who knew his own shepherd …you who once thought well of yourself? Did God use these outward means and instruments to tame your wild heart so you might most willingly follow after Christ? Did Christ break your chains of ignorance, blindness, idiocy and darkness and shine His light in your heart that you might see? Did you have the power and desire to do this yourself, or did Christ lovingly grant you even these so that you recognized that you had no hope in the world save in Christ's mercy alone that you might ascribe all glory to Him alone and none to your own?

    Can a government be overthrown in a nation by a foreign nation and a populace not be aware of it? If your soul casts out once prince and another takes his place (in the seat of the affections), would it be possible for there was no resistance to the laying down of arms before Christ entered? The Spirit may work quietly at first but when He makes His way in, there is no question that a change of power has occurred since once you only saw darkness but now sees most clearly. Did you not, who once had a heart of stone, now notice that your heart was softened and yields willlingly to the words of the new Master? Did you do that yourself, or was it that He gave you this new heart? And now as David, do you say, "Behold, here am I, do to me as seemeth good unto him?" (2 Sam 15:26).

    Do you believe you have no hope in the world save in Christ alone?

    Have you have faced God's majesty in the Word of God such that your self-complacency is shattered and you self-righteousness is renounced?

    Has the Holy Spirit convicted you of your woeful, guilty, and lost condition which justly deserves the wrath of God save in Christ's mercy?.

    Is Christ sufficient to fully save apart from anything else to maintain your just standing before God?

    Do you now have a new affection for God (an impossible supposition for the unregenerate) which desires to obey Him?

    Does sin trouble you? Do you hate it?

    If these signs accompany your salvation then God has indeed done a work of grace in you. If your faith is in Jesus Christ alone, then based on the promises of God in Scripture, your sins are forgiven.

    Posted by John on February 12, 2007 11:14 AM


    Thank you.


    Soli Deo Gloria

    I was saved listening to a Billy Graham program back in 1970,the lord convinced me that I needed him,I was desperate for him.I went out side ,it was night time,I looked up at the beutifull,stars,and told Jesus I wanted him to come into my heart, had been so diappointed in myself for failures and falls.I am convinced looking at myself,If I did,nt have the precious blood of Christ as atonement for my sins,I,m a dead man,he is now the pinnicle of all my desires,and expectation,I would have never dreamed at anytime in my life I could say I,m anxiouse to die,because I know who.s arms I.ll finnaly fall into,Its not the crowns,or streets of gold for me,I just want to be with talk ,walk with Jesus then and only then can I say in my life every thing is ok.......Bill

    Is there still hope for me if 1. Yes, all of these signs are in my life,but 2. I am fighting an addicting sin, and though most of the time I defeat the sin, sometimes I foolishly give in to it. I'm so sorry that I have given in to foolish and sinful lusts, and all I want to do is to cast away those actions forever, and to be forgiven, and sin no more. But I don't know if I am saved anymore, because I have really been scared that my repentance is not true, because I have again sinned, and that God has cast me away. Please help me, because I am very scared. I want to be forgiven and be different.


    Yous sin is not greater than Christ's grace and work. You are already on the other side of justice and it can no longer have you. No condemnation for you in Christ. Remember, you can neither attain, nor maintain, your right standing before God. You never did and never will. Now as always, the only hope is Jesus Christ. If one thinks they can lose their salvation they are essentially saying that what Christ did for them is insufficient. It misses the whole point of the gospel which is that Christ saves from first to last. If your faith is in him today, no matter what you have done your sins are forgiven. As surely as God is good, in Christ blood He remembers to never treat you as your sins justly deserve because justice has already been done for them. You are free and have been given a new heart that loves God. May he grant you a Spirit of revelation and an increasing knowledge of Him that your affection for Him would overcome all other vain affections.

    Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou so much for that blessed truth! Please, I beseech you with all my heart that you will keep me in your prayers, that I may be rid of my uninformed doubts and worthless lusts, and that the truth of the gospel of Christ will set me free. Thanks so much once again, you can't imagine how happy I am right now!


    One thing I've found helpful in struggling with sins, and feeling my own unworthiness to come before God after sinning yet again, is to "remind" God (not that he's forgotten!) of certain unchangeable promises he has made. 1 John 1:9 has been especially helpful to my doubting spirit -- "Remember 1 John 1:9, O God -- you promised, on the basis of your faithfulness and justice, to forgive this sin that I am confessing to you! Don't look on my own unworthiness, but look on the sacrifice of Christ, who came to be a propitiation for my sin, and my advocate with you, and be pleased to accept me as a purified saint, not because of who I am, but for your own name's sake, in accordance with your firm promises, and on the basis of Jesus' blood and righteousness!"

    That is a plea that God will always accept.

    So my big problem is this: I grew up in a church, that while it was awesome and preached God's Word, whose solution to doubts of salvation was just to pray the "sinner's prayer" again and everything would be fine. Looking back, I wish I had come face to face to my doubts and wrestled with them and examined my heart then, rather than just pray another prayer.

    I have recently wrestled with when I was saved, which has led to the question was I truly saved. At the age of 8, I knew I needed Jesus, and I knew that I was a sinner. That was the depth of my understanding at that point.

    But not until years later and even now did I learn much deeper theology like the things that are discussed in this article. An 8 year old doesn't understand propitiation, sovereignty, lordship, self-righteousness, self-complacency, etc.

    I guess for the last few years I have struggled with since I didn't know any of this when I was 8, was I saved then or did it happen later when I realized some of these deeper issues. The doubts of when I was saved have led to doubts of if I am saved. The other thing is an 8 year old has not done much worse than slam the door or say shutup, so it is sometimes hard to see the drastic change that happened then in my life.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I am so sorry that this is very long. I just want this issue to be closed so I can live in confidence and certainty and be able to preach the Gospel without doubting myself.

    Matt --
    I've struggled with this as well, growing up in the church. Maybe not worry so much as when the exact moment was, just be sure you are saved today. Are you living in repentance & trusting in Christ? Maybe to settle it in your heart, just take time today to agree with God about your sin, plead with Him to forgive your sin because of Christ's sacrifice, and ask Him to have mercy on you today, and to grant you assurance. It's good to examine yourself from time to time. I thought I was saved when I was a child, but I didn't even read the Bible until later in life, and I was living in my sin up until college. I understood later that I was BORN with a sinful nature (even if 8 year olds only slam doors or talk back) :) and I understood that God examines the heart. I thought people went to hell for the "biggies" like sex before marriage or killing someone. But Jesus said lust = adultery of the heart (Matt 5:27-29. I still struggle with assurance as well because my affections for Christ don't seem strong enough considering what He has done for me.. but I confess my sin and "He is faithful & just to forgive us our sin & cleanse us from all unrighteousness" (1 John 1:9). Some people have huge dramatic testimonies, but the truth is, even if it was "subtle" to us, when you realize what you were plucked from (eternal hell), it should stir up appreciation in your heart! Ask God to reveal the sins of your youth (Psalm 25:7) and to reveal the secret sins, then repent of them, and you'll realize the "drastic change". :) Then TRUST the promises!

    One thing that helped me was the Way of the Master evangelism using the Law:

    and also I recommend watching "True & False Conversion":

    Both are by the Living Waters & Way of the Master ministries.

    Hope that helps!

    It absolutely helps. And when I confront it and come face to face with the Lord and examine His promises, I am confident that I know the Lord.

    It is when I sit back and think of death and how long eternity is when I feel like, "What if I have just misled myself the whole time." I am going to Africa for a 4.5 month mission trip, and I feel so hypocritical that I am going to tell people about Jesus and I don't even have assurance of salvation??? I absolutely want the issue settled before I go. I have examined and examined over and over again, and I do not just want to "pray another prayer."

    I am pleading with God for something divine to happen in regards to assurance. I have honestly repented and I have confessed and professed the name of Jesus. I want this closed. The problem with doubting your salvation is that it puts ALL the focus on me. It makes me completely ineffective as a follower of Christ.

    I do not know if it is satan or God, but I don't want the deceiver to tell me I am not the Lord's if it is satan so I can move on passionnately proclaiming Christ on this mission trip.

    Please pray for me. Is there anyone I could personally talk to? I appreciate the help!!



    I was saved recently on friday, april 16, 2010.. it was around 10pm.. and it was the most real thing that has ever happened to me.
    I was raised in a bible believeing family that loves the Lord. I began to fall away when I was 15.. I came back sick from a missions trip to haiti and it only got worse.. it evenually turned into depression and social anxiety disorders. it was so bad that i had to drop out of high school. when i was 17 i found that getting high soothed the symptoms better than the psych pharmaceuticals. im 36 now.. i gave up a life for drugs. i never got married; no kids..never even moved out of the house. i stagnated for the love of getting high. suicide attempts, scarred arms, 3 OD's where i almost died, all kinds of porn and sexual experiences, even head on run in's with demons through the occult and hallucinogenics...
    but something else needs said. during those years i also made allot of "decisions" for Christ. but i still didnt know the depth of my dillema.. didnt know that I was in hell and would go to hell if i would die, and i played with life and death like a 4 year old plays with a cheap balloon.
    I drank a 5oz bottle of delsym cough syrup and ate a box of coricidin cough and cold the sunday before i was saved.. i experienced a bad reaction and went into convulsions. my heart rate went up into the 200 range and i couldve easily stroked out and died. but once again i didnt. why? why are you still alive? because Jesus Loves us. on friday i became aware of what sin is.. how horrible and terrible it is.. it is seperation from God. live in that and then die in that = eternal seperation fom God. God = everything there is. Seperation from everything there is = existence in nowhere... nothingness. how horrible is that?.. my sin is partly congenital because as a human i was born into sin/death because weve all walked away from God..which caused the seperation/sin. I was made aware of this and it scared me to death.. rather i should say it finally scared me to death. I thought that i was beyond redemption.. and that, people, was terrifying. I said to Jesus that I was sorry for being so disobedient and rebellious to Him, not expecting anything to happen.. just a guilty man honestly apologizing, horrified by his actions, to the person he had wronged..i expected nothing. what i got was everything. the fear immediately left, the cold was replaced with a physical warmth, tangible, visceral.. and i was pulled up out of what i now see was indeed death.
    im not the same..
    He's alive and He wants to save you from ultimate death.
    Jesus LOVES YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! remember that! His Love does indeed conquer ALL.
    I hope this helps someone.
    Im Alive.. Its REAL..Its ALLL REAL.
    Believe in Him and Believe in His Love and resurrection.. and you will partake in it.
    love you all.


    Hi, I have justed launched a ministry called "Real Talk" one of the question that was asked was from a lady who has been saying she is saved but she contuine to live in adultery, she know that this is wrong but she said she has a hard time letting this married man go, yet she will contuine to say that she is Saved (because she has accepted Jesus) all the while sleeping with this married question: (1) Is she still save, can she contuine to lead church service and tell all she is saved yet she is openly and willfully committing adultery? and (2)Is there ever a time when we are not Saved once we received Christ?

    i just knw that LORD is a provider he can keep you out of the devil things and make u to be his child as he does even 2 me

    I just prayed a simple prawer for Jesus to come into my heart and he did. I am happy he did.
    Billy age 79

    I am seeking help and really in need of prayers for my salvation. I am addicted to pornography and I struggle with it on a daily basis barley being able to make it more then four days without giving into it and my true desire is to have salvation but I just don't believe I actually have it. I do know who Jesus is and what he did for sinners but I just can't grasp the my salvation at all. I feel lost and alone and never feel joy or peace in my life. Can anyone please email me or give a response hopefully helping me. I really do appreciate it anyone. Thanks and God bless

    Thank you for the sweet taste of these truths. I finally made the step of dropping a Calminian view of salvation but now have a Reformed five point view. I often questioned my salvation often, wondering if it was possible to lose my salvation or not. But I now understand that God has assuredly worked His grace unto me.

    There have been moments where I wanted to reject Christ throughout my walk with God for the past 10 years (I even believed that I had at times), but no matter how much I tried, I ultimately could not find it in me to resist His grace.

    Praise God that the enemy cannot snatch out of the Lord's hands the one's He came to save! He gave me a new heart from the unexplainable night I met Him as a 14 year-old kid in a friends car. He saved a depraved wretch like me.

    I have to say no to all your questions except the last one. I only son when I'm depressed. Like doing drugs again or being married and not divorced well he won't sign. But my point is in going through a bad time with trying to get my kids in my care and I pray all the time. I don't hear his voice but I know that hes here for me no matter what. I stopped going to church at 12 had a family abusive life until 16 and it made my life worse. But I was saved but still sinned. I feel bad cuz I don't hear his voice never experienced the holy spirit. Every time something bad happens I sin. And i know it's wrong. But I believe in our Lord and Savior. I don't know what to do. I pray and pray still no voice but I never stop praying.

    Question of I don't read the bible well really I don't understand it is why. The words how they talk confuses me. And I don't go to church what will happen to me?

    I have to say no to all your questions except the last one. I only son when I'm depressed. Like doing drugs again or being married and not divorced well he won't sign. But my point is in going through a bad time with trying to get my kids in my care and I pray all the time. I don't hear his voice but I know that hes here for me no matter what. I stopped going to church at 12 had a family abusive life until 16 and it made my life worse. But I was saved but still sinned. I feel bad cuz I don't hear his voice never experienced the holy spirit. Every time something bad happens I sin. And i know it's wrong. But I believe in our Lord and Savior. I don't know what to do. I pray and pray still no voice but I never stop praying.

    Question is if I don't read the bible well really I don't understand it is Will I go to he'll?. The words how they talk confuses me. And I don't go to church what will happen to me?

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