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    Review: Augustine Through the Ages

    Review By. Monergism's B. K. Campbell

    The book contains synopses of his ideas and outlines of his work and life. The format is alphabetical, topical with double columned text.

    Augustine’s shadow is still on the land, his influence is scattered across the face of Christendom. His thought was deep, profound and original. He mastered everything from theology to apologetics. As a Christian thinker he remains second to none. “Augustine Through The Ages” is the only work I have ever seen that gets at every important aspect of his thought. If you have any inclination to know theology, defend your faith or understand the influence behind so much Christian thought this volume is a must for you. Augustine was the most important non-canonical Christian thinker; “Augustine through The Ages” is the most important encyclopedia on that thinker. If you yearn for access to his mind there is no better volume available than “Augustine Through The Ages”.

    Most readers do not realize the scope and depth contained in Augustine’s thought; this is because most people know his name, but have never read his work; further, what is read is rarely understood. Writing in primitive times without the aid of multiple commentaries, ink pens, electric/gas-heat, light bulbs or word processors. Augustine’s achievements are hard to believe. His mind deeply gifted by God to articulate and express ideas. Augustine combated the heresies and philosophies of his time with great success. His arguments are still relevant today. The Church has all but forgotten that he was the original Reformer. Luther, Calvin and Zwingli all stood in the powerful shadow of Augustine. He is literally the giant figure behind the Reformation. And it could be further argued that he is the giant figure behind “Van tilian” and “Clarkian” apologetics.

    “Augustine Through The Ages” is a masterpiece… the best reference material available… the most worthy compendium on Augustine. It is the only work of its kind, exceptionally unique, covering every aspect of Augustine’s thought and influence. Mark-well, it will become the standard reference book on Augustine- if it isn’t already. The more you read Augustine the more you will appreciate this work. So many of Augustine’s solid and pristine writings are not assessable to the public. This is because they where originally written in Latin. Thus I have searched and searched for literature by Augustine and on Augustine, both are rare and hard to find. This book is groundbreaking in the sense that non-Latin readers can now engage the ideas of this titanic thinker, gives non-Augustinian scholars a chance to handle his complete system for the first time. From this book you will get a good idea of how geographically sweeping his influence has been.

    Available at Monergism Books

    Posted by John on June 12, 2007 12:44 PM


    I long to read more Augustine. was doubtless one of the most inspiring and rewarding reads in my life. Thanks for the review. I'll be sure to pick it up when I get the chance.

    After reading this review, I must try to read this book for the summer. Thanks for the review.

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