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    John Hendryx Interviews Dr. Steven J. Lawson

    Last week at the Christian Booksellers Association conference in Altanta Georgia, Dr. Steven Lawson (Pastor and author of Foundations of Grace and The Expository Genius of John Calvin) was gracious enough to grant me an interview. We sat in a coffee shop for a couple of hours and I was edified to hear his obvious passion for our Lord. Our time together gave me great encouragement and I left him with a few questions he could reflect on and get back to me with.

    Here is the fruit of our conversation:

    Posted by John on July 19, 2007 03:13 PM


    Dear pastor John Hendryx,

    Your interview with Lawson who hold different view on last things is differnt from reformed doctrine. How he can be prefered among the reformed circle?. One believes there is no Millienial reign of Christ in this inhabited(by sinful human) earth the other believes there is 1000yrs reign of Christ in this inhabited(by sinful human)earth.A 4-point calvinist are not considered as christ-centered interpreter of scripture, how come a dispensationalist like Lawson is considered as reformed and Christ-centered interpreter of the scriputure?


    Hi and thank you for your email and for your thoughtful comments. A couple of corrections here:

    1) Just FYI: Dr. Lawson is not a 4-point Calvinist or anything cloesly resembling it. In our discussion he made this more than clear. We had an in-depth talk about this issue and he said the harmony work of the Trinity in bringing people to faith in Christ convinced him of 5 pts. of Calvinism. He fully embraces it so I do not know why you would think otherwise. Perhaps a case of mistaken identity.

    But I must admit, I do have a couple of essays on by 4 pt Calvinists. Bruce Ware for one. He has some good writing on Open Theism and the like. Should I remove all his other essays because he is wrong on this one issue? I certainly would not promote Ware's view on 4 pt Cal, just as I woud never promote anyone elses postiive views on dispensationalism. But I might promote them in places of their writing where I believe they can contribute to the glory of God.

    2) I am not a pastor, nor do I pretend to be one.

    Now that we are clear about these, may I ask, are you here asserting that we should deny fellowship to persons because they hold a different ESCHATOLOGY than our own? If so, then frankly sir, I might be more worried about you then I am of his erroneous views of the eschaton.:) Further, if I were to only post essays from the people who agreed with me on every issue, we would not have much of a website now, would we? What about the issue baptism ... should we remove all essays of Credo Baptists on because they are not "reformed"? Should we post only essays from Paedo baptists? I could go on with a zillion issues.

    Dispensationalism is a real issue and it needs to be confronted, but I am not going to remove myself from other believers nor cease to promote the good things they produce because they believe in a literal 1000 year reign of Christ after he returns. We are all inconsistent at some point. SO we need to be gracious and influence people by majoring on the majors and give the others time though dialogue. If we agree on the gospel, we need to be loving one another toward a greater understanding of it. Dispensationalism, I believe, is in its last days and it is a leftover from the last 150 years of semi-confused theology, but we are not going to persuade people by thereby pronouncing them unfit for anything else.

    My disagreement with people on an aspect of their theology does not make them unwelcome to participate. Weas there something in the interview itself that caused red lights to go off? The criticism did not seem to be related to the post.

    The link to the fruit of your conversation is not working.

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