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    An Amillennial Eschatology Chart!

    Click Here for larger image

    R. Scott Clark recently posted this. This chart illustrates the concurrent events associated with the Second Advent of Christ. i.e. that the resurrection of the just (and unjust) dead, the judgment of all mankind, and the renewal of the entire cosmos will all occur at a point in time: the time of Jesus' return; the day of the Lord. Could it be so simple and straightforward???

    HT: Riddleblog

    Posted by John on December 5, 2008 05:16 PM


    I've seen this chart posted on several blogs and websites. I guess it's supposed to be self-explanatory, but I would still appreciate a bit of an explanation. Thanks.


    Most importantly it shows in picture form that all these events are concurrent or take place simultaneously. The return of Jesus ushers in the resurrection of the just and unjust, the final judgement, the new heavens and the new earth etc...

    If only Revelation 20:1-10 didn't put a pretty huge emphasis on a thousand years. What do you do with that?

    Thanks, John. I assumed that was the point, but wanted to hear someone confirm it.

    Dear Kellen

    Thanks for your excellent question. When reading the book of Revelation we need to take into account what genre of book it is when we interpret it. It is a vision of the apostle John. Yes, a vision!!!!. Just like the rest of the book of revelation it is not meant to be taken literalistically. All it says is true, yes, but is spoklen in poetic symbolisms. Almost all references to numbers and multi-headed animals and dragons and so forth are symbolic. And most of this symbolism can be found elsewhere in the Bible. Since we do not take most of the book of the Revelation literally (not even Dispensationalists do) then why all of the sudden, should be assume the 1000 years is an actual period of time where Jesus looks at his watch and says well, times up, I am leaving. NO. The thousand years in Revelation 20 simply refers to a long period of time and the two resurrections it refers to is picked up by the apostle john chapter five of his gospel. Compare that chapter with Rev 20 and it begins to make sense. The thousand years refers to the time between Christ's inaugurating his kingdom where persons are spiritually resurrected (regenerated) ... as noted in John 5 and the time of the consumation of his kingdom which is his second advent (also mentioned in John 5). The kingdom is already here and is advancing.

    To take the thousand years as a literal time AFTER Christ comes one must believe there will be fully perfected resurrected people living among people who die and still have sin. We need the Bible to interpret the bible, especially when you have a symbolic book such as Revelation. To develop a whole end times theology by taking rev 20 literally and not weighing it against every other clear passage in scripture which teaches the same time period is really odd in my estimation. What about all the passages in the bible which teach that when Jesus returns there will immediately be the resurrection of the just and the unjust and the final judgement. DO you take a symbolic thousand years in revelation and make it into a whole theology of the end times? Some have.

    Newbie to reformed theology: are second 'coming' and second 'advent' one in the same? Or are they 2 sides to the same coin?

    References would be very helpful. Thanks.


    Hi and thank you for your question. Actually the term "advent" is not a term that is exclusive to Reformed Theology. It is a pan-Christian term used by almost all Christian denominations through history. It simply means "coming or arrival" Often it refers to a liturgical period preceding Christmas, beginning in Western churches on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and in Eastern churches in mid-November.

    We use it in this post to signify both the first and second comings of Christ. So in answer to your question, yes, advent and coming are both one and the same.

    How would one adjust the diagram to reflect postmillenialism??

    Dear Sir ,
    My name is Conor O'Riordan and for some years now I been organising interviews and live televised debates for the most popular Christian television station in the UK namely Revelation TV . The station is owned and managed by Pentecostal Charismatic and the staff reflects this however I am not officially a member of staff . I am reformed Baptist in denomination and they are aware how we differ doctrinally but none the less I have been given a lot of freedom to organise these events under their vetting . I suggest topics and provide guests (from both positions) and they produce the actual programme . I would say over 90% of the time they take on board my ideas and allow me to develop them to the point that all they have to do is screen the programme .The viewership reflects the staff and managements position which is pentecostal / pre-Mill .

    I want to try and encourage those from a reformed stance to participate by e mailing and texting from wherever you are in the world during the programme . I would like the viewers to see another Biblical position rather than the one held by the majority under the assumption that because most evangelical hold to this particular view therefore it is the standard Biblical position which is not nessecarilty the case at all . I have organised a debate for November 9th 2011 that can be viewed from anywhere in the world live. It is on the topic of the nation of Israel and has the Church replaced it in the end time plan of God or are the promises fulfilled in spiritual Israel i.e. the Church . The station is normally broadcast via mainstream cable TV throughout Europe however it also has high quality live streaming over the internet and can be viewed with a ROKU box in the US also . See all the details below .

    Live televised Debate : Has the Church replaced Israel
    Place : Revelation TV London UK in front of a studio audience
    Date : November 9th 2011
    Time : 9 pm to 10:30 pm UK time { please adjust for local time } broadcast live via SKY TV in Europe and live streaming worldwide at this link :

    Participants : Calvin L Smith & Stephen Sizer
    Defending the position that the nation of Israel as it exists since 1948 still has a place in end time Biblical prophecy will be Calvin Smith principal of Kings Evangelical Divinity School

    Opposing this and giving a different Biblical view on Israel and the Church will be Stephen Sizer who is vicar of Christ Church Virginia Water Surrey UK and founding member of the Institute for the Study of Christian Zionism .
    E mails and texts will be intermittently read out and tallied to ascertain which position garners most support from the public .

    Note : Viewers in USA with a ROKU BOX can now watch Revelation TV and so view the debate through this medium .

    Revelation TV is the most popular UK Christian television station

    Dr Calvin L. Smith

    Dr Calvin L Smith is principal of Kings Evangelical Divinity School , editor of the evangelical review of society and politics , author of numerous books including The Jews modern Israel and the new supercessionism . He lectures in theology and hermeneutics . He is an academic researcher conference and Church speaker .

    Stephen Sizer

    Stephen Sizer is senior pastor of Christ Church , the community church of Virginia
    Water in Surrey UK . He is a founding member of (ISCZ) Institute for the study of
    Christian Zionism . He is a member of the advisory council of evangelicals for
    middle east understanding . He co authored the jerusalem decleration on Christian
    Zionism signed by the heads of Churches in Jerusalem . He has an extensive
    international ministry teaching regularly in Churches , seminaries and universities in
    the USA , Africa , Europe and the Middle East .

    As an evangelical, I was exposed to the dispensational and pre-mil teaching. But, somehow it never fit what I read in scripture. As a result of searching the scriptures, I have embraced a historicist and amillenial understanding of eschatology. I have yet to read a fully satisfying exegesis of Matthew 24.Could you offer any sources. This website has been very helpful Full explanation for pre-mill view by Dr. John MacArthur. i believe there are 6 parts if you can't find the rest let me know contact me at [email protected]

    The majority of the scriptures refer to what will be the 2nd coming of Christ. They provide ample evidence that at His coming He will judge the world in righteousness (Ps. 9:8, Ps. 96:13, Ps. 98:9, Acts 17:31). The scriptures as a whole make it plain that when the Lord comes, He will come as a thief in the night and that it will be public and visible to all men, and that He will then judge men to their eternal state (Matt. 24:36-39, Matt. 25:31-46, I Thess. 5:2-4, 2 Thess. 1:7-10, Rev. 1:7, etc.)

    Suppose Christ comes secretly to rapture His people and then there is a period of a thousand years where He physically reigns in an earthly kingdom here on earth. Supposedly in that millennial kingdom there would be sinners and glorified saints mixed together. Christ will physically be here on earth at that point, for a thousand years! Then, after the thousand years the final judgment occurs.

    But how does that fit in with the scriptures that plainly teach the coming of Christ to judge the world will overtake men as a thief in the night? If He has been amongst men a thousand years here on earth, He cannot then at the end come back in the clouds with His holy angels and astonish the world with His coming. It could not then be said that men knew not He was coming until He appeared (Matt. 24:39).

    This is the framework of the 2nd coming. At His coming, or on the Day of the Lord He will judge the world and it will be final. Then He hands the kingdom to God the Father and we are with Him forever and ever.

    Everything else in scripture must conform to this simple time frame.


    Jeremy Walsh

    To The LORD 1000 years is a Day and A Day is a Thousand years. 1000 years is no more literal that what 40 days and 40 nights was, or at least, was meant to mean. Nor the the number 7, 10, or 12...or the number 666. How many times did Our LORD say, 'on The Day'? How is it in Genesis 2:4 that All of Creation was Summed as occurring in 'A Day' ??(.These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in THE DAY that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens,) There is no 1000 years! That would make God UNJUST and UNRIGHTEOUS to virtually every 'sinner' that had lived before that time. It makes literally no sense at all. Besides, Even if a man rises from the Dead they will still not believe. What, is he going to come to earth an 'cause' everyone to 'suddenly ' believe yet, We Live by Faith not by sight.

    Love the chart. Simple and accurate.
    All you gotta' know is:
    1) Christ returns
    2) Christ reigns
    3) Christ rewards

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