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    Today's World Population Debunks Evolution

    Mathematician, John Heffner PhD, and Dr. Carl Baugh crunch the numbers...

    Posted by John Samson on October 1, 2009 12:43 AM


    very interesting ... would have never thought to take a math equation to the theory of evolution.

    thanks for sharing ...

    Please tell me this man does not actually have a Ph.D...Where in the world did he get his supposed degree in mathematics?

    Does he have any clue that the growth rate of humans has not been exponential like that for very long (only since the Industrial Revolution has growth neared this rate)?

    Even if you believe in 6 day creation... this argument should hold no water for you... It is clearly based on false premises and is contradicted by historical fact.

    When Christians make stupid arguments, they are properly ridiculed by the world. It makes me sad.

    I think its a good argument. These men are not stupid and the argument has some weight.

    I am sure that the growth rate has not remained precisely constant throughout history, but that's why an average is used and it is certainly interesting to notice just how radically off the math would be if evolution dates are used. It is not even remotely close.

    Math is math and if you do the math you can see if the math is true or not. Using emotional language like "stupid" and "sad" is just, err, stupid and sad, but whatever it is, it is certainly not an argument.

    I'm sorry. I gotta disagree on this one. I am a 6 day creationist and all...but I'm not sure I could seriously take this equation too seriously. The fact that population has skyrocketed in the last 100 years, and even in the last 20, is just fact. With urbanization comes increased population. He gives no consideration to natural disaster (anything from hurricanes to plague), human disaster, and decreased death rate.

    Evolution is false, sure, but not because of arguments like this.


    "Increased death rate."


    The very low number for the population growth over the centuries surely takes the death rate into account. Even evolutionists who still maintain their position understand this. They don't like the results, but I don't think they can credibly maintain a lower number than John Heffer does.

    I loved watching. Great program! {[square root of (6,500,000,000 X 3)/3.1416]/5280}2=diameter of a circle the whole world population could fit in: about a 30 mile circle! I love it.

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