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    Translation into Italian and the Indian dialect of Malayalam

    Back in January I wrote a short article about the thief on the cross here. It was very encouraging to understand that the article has been translated into Italian on a blog here. Now today (Good Friday) I have just received the following note from a Pastor friend who I have known for more than 20 years out in Cheppad, Kerala, India called Pappy Daniel. He writes:

    Dear John,

    I am making a translation of your article on the thief crucified with Christ.

    If the Lord provides for the printing, we shall take 10,000 copies to be inserted in the newspapers in the morning of Good Friday next year. I am also looking for an appropriate picture for the front cover of the tract.

    Thank you for the article.

    In His abundant grace,

    Pappy Daniel
    Mercy Home, Kanjoor, Cheppad Post 690507, Kerala, India

    I have visited Pappy Daniel in India 4 times, holding large crusade meetings and preaching in many of the churches. I have seen the tremendous work he is doing first hand, especially in his extensive ministry to orphaned boys and girls. I am praying that indeed the funds will come in for this Gospel outreach he mentions next year. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Lord chooses to use this short article as a tract to bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ? May I invite you to join me in praying for Pappy Daniel and the great Gospel ministry out there in India? - John Samson

    Posted by John Samson on April 3, 2010 11:08 PM


    I am the translator of that article into Italian. I follow gratefully the material published here and on the related websites. Although I have lived in Switzerland and now in Britain, I publish Reformed theology in Italian on the web since 1995 and, thanks to God, my website contributes significantly to the diffusion on the Reformed outlook in the Italian speaking world. I have been blessed a lot in this. Let's keep in touch. Paolo

    i would like to know who i would be able to contact for a tract that has the gospel written in Italian for my grandmother. She was born an Italian catholic and i need a tract that will be able to show her the differences between the religion she was brought up with and the gospel. thank you
    Chris united states.

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