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    A Comprehensive Puritan and Reformation Treasure Trove That Is Portable, User Friendly and Exceedingly Powerful

    The Puritan Hard Drive is a comprehensive SEARCHABLE Puritan and Reformation treasure trove that is easy-to-use, portable, and expandable. Just plug it into the USB port on any PC or Mac (it doesn't even need a power cord, as it is powered through the USB cable) and you are ready to start experiencing the very best of classic and contemporary Christian (Puritan and Reformation) literature, MP3s and videos.

    You can even carry this fantastic library around in your pocket or purse, as the Puritan Hard Drive is not much bigger than a cassette tape.

    The graphics below gives you an idea of just how small (and it is light too) the Puritan Hard Drive really is - not much bigger than a cassette tape.

    Imagine having access to the world's best Reformation library, and the most powerful Bible study software, including all your own personal notes on the searchable Puritan Hard Drive database, anywhere you have access to a PC or Mac computer with a USB port - as that is exactly what the Puritan Hard Drive gives you!

    "O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth" (Isaiah 25:1).

    The spectacular, custom, search and research software the Puritan Hard Drive contains has been developed by one of the world's top software architects.

    The Puritan Hard Drive <<< Click here to learn more and for purchasing instructions.


    Posted by John on June 30, 2010 11:41 AM


    I had been considering the purchase of this product for a couple weeks now. I say had because I ultimately chose not to due in large part to the plethora of online resources and my own personal collection accessible through a software manufacturer I have owned and used for years. For someone who does not have a library as I this would be a valuable resource.

    However, for a couple weeks now on the PHD website I have witnessed the ominous warning that time is limited and in fact the offer to save $800.00 will in fact end “This Monday @ 11:59PM (ET).” But that was two weeks ago and two Monday’s have come and gone with a third approaching. This seems to be lazy web administration at best or disingenuous or blatantly dishonest at worst and bring images of a carnival huckster or an infomercial ploy were time and quantities are limited so act now. It seems the only thing missing is a “But wait act now and we’ll give you two PHD’s and a knife set”…

    Guys, as Christians we can and must do better and for those who are part of the distribution network you are culpable in this deception and should at the very least want to maintain your own credibility and at most elevate Christ by honoring His word to “Do not lie” which also carries the weight of do not deceive.

    [The writer is creator and administrator of The Old Dead Guys blog]


    Greetings Jamie:

    Thank you for your comments and the chance to explain what is taking place regarding the Puritan Hard Drive.

    If you will look carefully at the page where we offer the Puritan Hard Drive you will see that what we are guaranteeing, until at least the end of Monday, is the lower pre-publication price. This pre-publication price guarantee allows us to offer, for a short time, the Puritan Hard Drive at a greatly reduced price, and for about $3,400 (or so) less than the only other somewhat comparable Christian product on the market. We are just waiting for our software team to complete their final check of the 12,500+ Reformation resources (books, MP3s and videos) and the custom software and database on the Puritan Hard Drive, and then it will begin shipping. Our Director of Software Development is presently telling me that the Puritan Hard Drive will begin shipping in July, but he doesn't know the exact week (as there are a lot of files and much code to check). Thus, we will continue to offer the pre-publication price guarantee, which is substantial, at least until the pre-publication sale is over. This way we give more people a greater opportunity (for a longer period of time), at least up to the time of shipping, to obtain this fantastic new Christian study tool at the much lower pre-publication price, considering we don't know the exact day on which our software team will complete their work and we will start shipping the Puritan Hard Drive.

    I hope this explanation is helpful.

    By the way, besides the fact that there are a number of Reformation resources (some of them very rare and otherwise very expensive) on the Puritan Hard, which are not available online or on other Christian products (e.g. the 34 volume set of Puritan Fast Sermons, which is worth far more that the price of the PHD all by itself), it is really the powerful and practical new (custom developed, and only on the PHD) search and research software that sets the Puritan Hard Drive apart from any other Christian study tool of which we are aware.

    This software can easily condense days (or weeks) of research time into minutes and offers many never-before-seen features that are sure to amaze users of the PHD. I've watched the whole project develop over the last quarter century and I am still in shock at the amazing things the Lord has done in giving our generation a piece of software that is so powerful and practical at the same time. Nothing like the Puritan Hard Drive has ever existed before!

    There is far too much that the PHD software can do (including many things that no other software can do, of which I am aware) to try to go through the list in this small space, but if you click on one of the Puritan Hard Drive links on Monergism and go to the sections concerning the new, custom research software on the Still Waters Revival Books (SWRB) page about the Puritan Hard Drive, you will begin to get an idea of the tremendous blessings, by God's grace, that the Puritan Hard Drive can bring into your life.

    Watching the seven Puritan Hard Drive videos we provide at this same page will also introduce you to some of the features of the Puritan Hard Drive software (again, the software can do so much, that it would probably take a small book to explain all it can do, though it is elegantly and intuitively designed and very easy-to-use — so much so that even a computer novice should have no problem making comprehensive use of these many features).

    Another advantage, among the many, of owning the Puritan Hard Drive, which is not available online or in any other Christian software of which I am aware, is the extensive, embedded database on the PHD, which works in conjunction with the unsurpassed SWRB KnowledgeBase software (and may our Lord get all the glory for the development of this software and database). This database already contains over 15,000,000 records and will grow as we add new titles, authors, summaries, categories, indexed words, etc. to it in the future! 10,000,000 of these records point to indexed words and phrases, and the page numbers where they are found, on the large number of searchable books and articles on the PHD.

    We have also added over 71,000 categories to the 12,500+ Reformation resources on the PHD and our primary software engineer wrote an algorithm to compare the categories of every resource with the categories of every other resource, to produce the proprietary SWRB "Category Resource Signatures" which are found on the Puritan Hard Drive.

    The "Category Resource Signatures" (CRS) place you just one click from the most closely related books, MP3s and videos, for resources with a CRS — a great boon for the serious and advanced study of Scripture (as the CRS will reveal the most closely related Reformation resources, something that would have been humanly impossible without the aid of this algorithm, unless someone had read, memorized and catalogued all these connections)!

    The extensive categorization system (which is great for beginners) and the "Category Resource Signatures" (which are great for advanced study) found on the PHD are not available anywhere else, either on the Web or in other Christian software. These two features alone, by God's grace, will bring great blessings to individuals, families, churches (and their leaders), and we hope even nations (in the providence of God), as they lead Puritan Hard Drive users to the study of the best and most pertinent Puritan books and Reformation sermons ever written and preached.

    Moreover, we are also offering free lifetime upgrades to the software on the Puritan Hard Drive and free lifetime updates to the database on the PHD. This is in addition to the SWRB lifetime guarantee on the Puritan Hard Drive.

    All of this and much, much more, about the Puritan Hard Drive, can be further researched by clicking on any of the Monergism links, so graciously provided, on In fact, regular visitors to already know about all the substantial Puritan and Reformation resources (many of which are free) that are offered here. If you would like to obtain the Puritan Hard Drive, what we consider (by the grace and providence of God) to be the best Christian study tool ever available (excepting the Bible, of course, though a number of major Reformation Bibles are included on the PHD), please use the links on to visit the our (SWRB) site and check out the hundreds of features and benefits found on the Puritan Hard Drive which I did not mention here.

    Purchasing the PHD through links at Monergism will help to support the fine work of Reformation that is taking place through Monergism and, in this, be a further blessing to your brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world. We (at Still Waters Revival Books), just like Monergism, also try to produce and give away as many free Reformation resources as possible, so your purchase of the Puritan Hard Drive also goes to support the dissemination of millions of free online Reformation and Puritan resources through SWRB — all around the world. In this, we pray that our work is a blessing to you and many other around the world and that in it all our Lord gets the glory. For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen (1 Cor. 6:20, 10:31).

    Your Servant in Christ,
    Dr. Reg Barrow
    Still Waters Revival Books


    It is a "pre-publication price guarantee" not a sales ploy. The software developers are doing last minute checking before actual shipping of the harddrive..

    Dr Barrow,
    Thank you for your detailed explanation and I apologize if I seemed to diminish the value of the PHD for as you note even the most extensive collection can be enhanced through a single searchable resource such as the PHD.

    A closer reading seems in order as I never said it was a sales ploy. Nor is the point of my comment to bring into question the guarantee of a pre-publication price or the integrity of the authors. However, and the point of my comment, the green post-it is misleading by saying the guarantee expires THIS Monday (for it did/does not). That and along with a decrementing counter certainly gives the impression that once Tuesday rolls around the guarantee expires (which it did/does not do). This interpretation is certainly in keeping with the usual and customary understanding of these two pieces when use separately certainly but even more so in conjunction. Really what does expire mean? The decision to extend the guarantee is secondary and obfuscates the issue. Surely we agree to the difference.

    So I ask,

    Does the sales e-commerce lit state that the guarantee will end Monday at the stroke of Midnight – Yes

    Is the counter counting down to the stroke of Midnight Monday – Yes

    Conclusion, (and the only one reasonably possible) I have until Monday the stroke of Midnight to decide.

    Again it is a secondary issue that you chose to reinstate it although continuing to do so seems to be unsound just on the face of it.

    Now before you retort simply ask yourself if my position is accurate and a reasonable presumption that can be expected from most visitors to the site. It’s your site and your reputation.

    Jamie [out]

    Is the PHD compatible with the Logos software system. I just purchased Logos 4 and then I hear about PHD. Can I read the PHD books from within Logos or is PHD meant to be a separate application with its own user interface?


    Greetings Patrick:

    Thank you for your question.

    The Still Waters Revival Books Puritan Hard Drive and Logos Bible Software products are based on two different systems, are made by two different companies, and are at this time not compatible.

    Logos Bible Software makes very useful products for Christians and we have heard that many people have been blessed by these products, for which we are thankful to the Lord.

    Also, Logos Bible Software includes a much broader range of resources (even including works by Seventh Day Adventists and the like), whereas the SWRB Puritan Hard Drive is essentially a Reformation product providing the very best in classic and contemporary Puritan and Reformed books, MP3s and videos, along with cutting edge technology for researching and accessing these Calvinistic resources.

    Below is a quick, very general overview comparing "Logos Bible Software 4: Portfolio Edition (LE)" and the "SWRB Puritan Hard Drive," which may be helpful.

    "Logos Bible Software 4: Portfolio Edition (LE)" = Logos 4 PE
    "SWRB Puritan Hard Drive" = SWRB PHD

    Logos 4 PE = 1,650+
    SWRB PHD = 12,500+

    Logos 4 PE = DVD or DOWNLOAD
    SWRB PHD = 250GB Portable USB Hard Drive (with 170GB of free space)

    Logos 4 PE = $4,290.00 (as of this writing)
    SWRB PHD = $797.97 (as of this writing)

    To further compare the two most comparable products produced/published by Logos Bible Software and Still Waters Revival Books you can do so by visiting the Logos Bible Software page for "Logos Bible Software 4: Portfolio Edition (LE)" and by clicking on any of the links for the SWRB Puritan Hard Drive on Monergism's Web sites.

    If you are a Calvinist the choice of products may be obvious, but if you can afford it there is certainly value in owning both products.

    Your Servant in Christ (for the Third Reformation),
    Dr. Reg Barrow
    President, Still Waters Revival Books
    Serving Christians Worldwide (In Over 100 Countries) For 25+ Years


    Thanks for your posting regarding Dr Barrow's advertisement. I do not offer a retort because it is not my product offer. I am just directing people to the Dr Barrow's website which carries this helpful product. I do see how you might draw the conclusion you have but when I read it I was under the impression that the offer ended when the pre-publication sale was over. I believe this is because they don't know when the engineers will be done with the final checking of the product so they are only guaranteeing the product will remain at that price until the next Monday. When that Monday rolls around and the engineers are still working on it they will extend the guarantee until the product officially launches. Hope this make it more clear.

    I don't have an answer to all your questions, however, because I did not write the ad. You will have to direct the more specific questions to the owner of the site - Reg Barrow.


    Dear Jamie:

    Thanks again for the additional comments and the kind words about the Puritan Hard Drive.

    Please give me an opportunity to further clarify what is taking place, including why we chose to use the words we did about the pre-publication price guarantee.

    First, I would agree with you if we had chosen the word "ends", for the pre-publication price guarantee, instead of "expires," but we purposely chose the word "expires" because it does not necessarily denote finality.

    For example, the date for the use of a credit card can expire and be renewed again — and this is so taken for granted that credit card companies just send out new cards with the renewal date as a matter of course.

    The amount of time you can keep a library book can expire and you may go into the library and renew it if you would like to keep the book longer.

    Contracts expire and are renewed all the time.

    The examples could go on and on.

    We purposely choose the word "expires" and not "ends" because it gives us the option to renew the pre-publication price guarantee as necessary.

    By the way, you will notice, in your reply above, that you even substitute the word "ends" for our word "expires," in trying to make your point — which may be part of the reason for your confusion about what we are actually saying.

    In any case, I hope this helps clarify the matter for you.

    Second, you mention reputation.

    In my opinion, John and Monergism have further enhanced their already outstanding reputation by promoting the Puritan Hard Drive (PHD) — as the Puritan Hard Drive (by God's grace) marks an epoch in Reformation publishing advances.

    Never before have so many of the best classic and contemporary Puritan and Reformed resources ever been published at once on one platform.

    Never before has the latest in world class cutting edge technology, like what is found on the Puritan Hard Drive, the likes of which has never been seen before, been harnessed in the service of the Lord for the furtherance of the Third Reformation in our day.

    Never before has a Christian study tool existed which can increase, by many orders of magnitude, any Christian's ability (by the grace of God) to learn more about how to better serve and love the Lord, than with the Puritan Hard Drive. After all, we are all commanded, in Scripture, to run the race to win (1 Corinthians 9:24) and as we say on our Web page about the Puritan Hard Drive,

    * The Puritan Hard Drive Is Your Own Personal Rocket Fuel For Remarkable Christian Growth!

    * Turbo-Charge Your Biblical Studies. Grow in Grace. Increase Personal, Family and Church Sanctification. Praise and Love the Lord More!

    So click on the Monergism links to the Puritan Hard Drive, on this site, and get "your own personal rocket fuel" to run the Christian race to win — that you may further enhance your opportunities (through the ordained means of grace) to love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind (Luke 10:27) and renew your mind in Christ daily (Romans 12:2).

    I would also suggest you watch the many PHD videos we provide on the Puritan Hard Drive and you will begin to get a sense of the marvelous thing the Lord has done in bringing about an unsurpassed Christian study tool like the Puritan Hard Drive.

    And it doesn't stop there, as the Puritan Hard Drive is fully upgradeable and updatable, so it can grow with you as you grow in the Lord.

    Moreover, just like the many outstanding Reformation resources that John (Monergism) already makes available, his choosing to promote the PHD is a further testimony to the high level of Christian discernment that is already seen throughout the Monergism family of Web sites.

    In a recent Monergism email. John wrote the following words about the Puritan Hard Drive,

    Subject: The Puritan Hard Drive - Best Reference Tool Ever

    Hand's down the best reference tool we've ever sold.

    You will be floored by this product. Amazing!

    There is a great deal of godly wisdom in these succinct statements — and I'm not writing these things to build up our own work, no, quite the contrary. The Puritan Hard Drive is a work of God, and if you had been witness to what I've seen the Lord do, over the last 25+ years, to bring the Puritan Hard Drive into existence, you would also know that the Puritan Hard Drive is a phenomenal testimony to God's sovereignty, grace, mercy, love and kindness toward His people!

    I've witnessed countless amazing acts of God's providence and direct answers to prayer as He shaped not only which resources would be included on the PHD, but also made it possible for us to combine this unequaled collection of contemporary and rare Reformed resources with the very best technologies now available on the PHD to make it the most useful Christian study and research tool there has ever been.

    What John wrote in the Monergism email (above) is not sales hype, nor is it hyperbole, it is just the simple facts of the case, as "the Puritan Hard Drive" is the "best reference tool ever"!

    And this is to God's glory and no one else's!

    Of course, in attempting to cast aspersions on John and Monergism's reputation regarding the PHD, you are also doing so to us (SWRB). I don't feel any need here to defend my reputation (as I know I just another sinner, saved by God's marvelous sovereign grace) or SWRB's reputation, but if you would like to see what others say about Still Waters Revival Books you may do so by visiting "COMMENTS ON SWRB" at

    Jamie, please don't miss the bigger picture of what is going on here, even if you still don't agree with what we wrote on the stick-it note on the Puritan Hard Drive page on our Web site — God has done something unprecedented in the realm of publishing in giving our generation an unparalleled research and study tool like the Puritan Hard Drive.

    I know of no other tool in history which can help Christians to grow faster or more faithfully in the Lord (and don't forget there are a number of the best Reformation Bibles on the Puritan Hard Drive along with all the other extraordinary Reformation books, MP3s and videos).

    If you don't agree with us about how the PHD is presented on our Web page that is really not a big deal, but let's at least agree to give God the praise for providing our generation (and future generations) with an unique and unequaled Christian resource like the Puritan Hard Drive. As brothers in Christ, can we do that together?

    Click on the Monergism links to the Puritan Hard Drive and carefully study which Puritan and Reformation resources the PHD contains, as well as the technological sophistication that will be used to minister to a multitude in this and coming generations, and then you will truly know why, in this, all Christians have many reasons to praise the Lord!

    Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD (Psalm 150:6).

    Your Servant in Christ (for the Third Reformation),
    Dr. Reg Barrow
    President, Still Waters Revival Books
    Serving Christians Worldwide (In Over 100 Countries) For 25+ Years

    No you didn't. Not to take sides here but Seriously, you really aren't going to take the "it depends on what your def of "is" is" defense are you.

    Well, I just hope the pre-publication price will not expire or end. Thanks that it has not expired, because I just know of such excellent product now, and will not be able to take advantage of such price if it had expired. I agree though with Jamie, just remove the expiration time, and fix the price at that.

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