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    Needed Prayers for New Zealand

    A good friend of mine who lives in Christ Church New Zealand, sent me the following letter this morning with permission to share its contents. Last night when I heard the news of Christ Church having been lain waste,I thought of he and his family right away I was glad to hear from him this morning and this is what he has to share:

    Dear John my old Bro., on September 4th last year we had a 7.1 earthquake here in Christchurch with one death linked indirectly to it and multitudes of buildings and infrastructure damage in the billions of dollars. Well yesterday 22nd at around 1:00 pm our time we had another earthquake at 6.3 far shallower and with much much more violent shaking and the aftershocks have been on going ever since with much more damage and scores of deaths. Very frightening and many Christchurch residents are in shock and homeless. As of midnight 22nd the death toll stands at 65 with many more people unaccounted for and at first light will probably paint an even more grim picture but also there is good news and many have been pulled to safety. Our power (80% of Christchurch was out intially) was down until around 12:30 am this morning 23rd our time and is now back on but our water and sewerage is out and we do not know for how long. We do have supplies stored away for about a week with some spare to share with neighbours if the need arises. It is a mess here in Christchurch and the face of Christchurch has been changed forever. Many many historic buildings have been lost and even the cathedral in the centre of the city has been severely damaged and some people were killed that were up the spire which had collapsed. We have specialist teams flying in from Australia and the USA to help in search and rescue which is a real blessing.

    Anyway John my friend, I am emailing you this to ask you if you would please pray for Anne and I and for the people of Christchurch for strength to face the tough days ahead. Thanks.

    Here is a link to one of the newspapers here that is covering it:

    and a link to television coverage:

    Christchurch does indeed need prayer, the whole of New Zealand does as a matter of fact, there is so much happening here in New Zealand all the time and a lot of it is not good. Your prayers and encouragement is most appreciated and very comforting. Since homosexual unions and prostitution were legalized here in New Zealand things have made a turn for the worse it seems. Also, a huge bike gang from Australia called “The Rebels” have been making inroads here, even going as far as recruiting crims and gangsters from inside the prison system. The Rebels are very highly organized as a criminal, violent, drug (crystal meths mainly) pushing bike gang and it is a worry. The Hells Angels have been established here in New Zealand since the start of Sonny Barger's days and was the first chapter recognized outside of America many years ago. General violence and lawlessness seems to be on the increase. I sometimes think the Church here has lost its saltiness along the way somewhere, yes, there are still plenty of Christians but many seem to have turned to that irrelevant silly purpose driven/seeker sensitive nonsense and I lay the blame for that state of affairs at the feet of Rick Warren. How he has so many deceived is beyond me. He is like a skilled hypnotist and has people smitten by his charming ways and he can say or do no wrong no matter what it is, he has all his bases covered and so many defend him. Tragic, absolutely tragic imo. I believe he does not preach the Biblical Gospel, it is close in parts but it still is not the full Gospel in all its glory, The God centred Gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ. Sorry about the grizzle there, it just makes so sad what I see.

    We have had thousands of after shocks here in Christchurch since September of last year and many since yesterdays 6.3 two have just happened since I started typing this reply, desk shaking, computer screen really rocking, it is awful. People are at their wits ends. Anne and I are coping because we completely trust in Jesus Christ. We have had family members from around NZ ringing as well as from overseas to make sure we are ok and offer encouragement because that is what families do eh. This is a list of the last thirty quakes or aftershocks this website monitors Lyttleton is only about 2 miles from our place as the crow flies and the center of the city is about a mile and a half. Just about everything inside our home was knocked over and cutlery thrown out of the cupboards and a lot of it was broken especially some of Anne’s good China and Crystal glass sets etc. were smashed. Just by looking at that list there has been about 11 aftershocks if not more by the time you get this since midnight our time and its 5:03 am here now.

    thanks Bro.,


    Douglas and Anne.

    Posted by John on February 22, 2011 12:17 PM


    It's simply amazing to see the devastation that this 6.3 mag. earthquake brought about. No doubt the recent 7+ quake set the stage for even more destruction, but wow, I've never seen a magnitude 6 quake do this kind of damage. Praying.

    It's simply amazing to see the devastation that this 6.3 mag. earthquake brought about. No doubt the recent 7+ quake set the stage for even more destruction, but wow, I've never seen a magnitude 6 quake do this kind of damage. Praying.

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