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    Our Poisoned Culture of Libel and Defamation

    I have not historically spent much time, if any, obsessing on the various sexual liberation agendas in our culture. But it has come to my attention that perhaps the most troubled people in our current society are those who accuse Christians of hate speech and homophobia for simply wanting to share the gospel with them. Such groundless declarations of hate betray the speakers themselves as a people driven by irrational prejudice. In doing so they are creating a poisoned cultural, educational and political atmosphere which they teach others to hate Christians for something they don't even believe, nor has it crossed our mind .... since no true Christian believes he/she morally better and many of us have committed much worse sins. We are here to proclaim freedom to those enslaved, ourselves included. It is mercy alone which saved us, and certainly not any good in us.

    It is one thing to say that you don't believe Christianity to be true but quite another to declare that it must come from hate. Sadly I do believe a large number of people promoting these cultural myths know this, but truth seems to go out the window for people when they have a political agenda. However, when such an agenda involves smearing others with non-existent motives, then this is a form of defamation and is ITSELF perhaps the worst form of hate there is. Perhaps THIS is the source of our very hostile, divided culture. If there are so-called Christians, who are hateful, and no doubt there are, surprising as it may sound to some, a more conservative view of theology is the answer to dealing with such ignorance and bigotry. Jesus who delivers ALL OF US from some form(s) of bondage, calls us to proclaim liberty to captives whoever they may be, homosexual or otherwise. So know this....It would only be hate if we REFUSED to share the gospel with one of these subsets of people.

    Of course none of this comes as any surprise given our Lord's statements on the certainty of irrational hatred toward Christians, but I wanted to make a note of it.

    Posted by John on November 2, 2013 12:12 PM


    Amen! Well said!

    "those who accuse Christians of hate speech and homophobia for simply wanting to share the gospel with them"

    That's ... that's a beautifully vague accusation there. Personally, I've never accused anyone of hate speech merely for wanting to share good news ("gospel") with me. I have accused people of hate speech when they actually engage in hate speech, though.



    I am sorry, Have we met? The post was not directed at you personally. I am not sure how you assumed it was.

    But indeed there is real homophobia and hate speech out there, both of which, we wholeheartedly affirm is wrong. But it appears that anyone who dares to declare that homosexuality is among the catalog of sins for which God will judge the world, is frequently called by the media and homosexual activists either "homophobic", are engaged in "hate speech". That the "educated" elite could make such a backwoods-like statement of such profound ignorance is beyond me. Are they so out of touch as to be unable to differentiate wicked people who actually want to harm homosexuals with people who want to help them? You can certainly reject the help we offer, but don't confuse it with hate. If would only be hate if we we discriminated against homosexuals by refusing to bring the good news to them as if their sin were not worthy of our love, while bringing the gospel to all others.

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