"...if anyone makes the assistance of grace depend on the humility or obedience of man and does not agree that it is a gift of grace itself that we are obedient and humble, he contradicts the Apostle who says, "What have you that you did not receive?" (1 Cor. 4:7), and, "But by the grace of God I am what I am" (1 Cor. 15:10). (Council of Orange: Canon 6)


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    Jesus is 100% God, 100% man

    It is vital to be precise when we talk of the Person of Jesus Christ. Heresy looms large on either side of the biblical road, and many a soul has fallen in to its hellishly hewned ditches. Getting it right about Christ is not merely a job for elite theologians. All of us are called upon to proclaim, herald and worship the biblical Christ. Only the biblical Christ is worthy of worship. Only the biblical Christ can save. That's because the biblical Christ is the only one who truly exists.

    Jesus warned us that many false Christs would appear. This is the case in two ways: Firstly, there are false Christs who appear in human history to draw away disciples after themselves; secondly, there are false Christs erected in the minds of people, such as a Christ who is God but not man, or a man, but not God. Either kind is deadly to the soul.

    So who exactly is the biblical Christ? The scriptures reveal very clearly that He is God and He is man. He is not a concocted blend of God and man, being perhaps 50% God and 50% man. He is full and undiminished deity and true humanity - in one Person. Exactly how can this be understood?

    I came across a very helpful article on this theme today from Desiring God Ministries here . I recommend it highly. May the truths govern our thinking and guide our worship, as we do so in spirit and in truth. - Pastor John Samson

    Posted by John Samson on October 11, 2006 12:32 PM


    Amen. A right view of Christology is essential to the Christian faith. Most heresy begins with a departure from the biblical teaching concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ. A right understanding here is a soild foundation from which to grow in the faith.

    This is a good article on the incarnation of Christ, especially as it deals with the hypostatic union... Incarnation.htm

    I especially liked these interesting quotes from the article...

    "That does not mean He absorbed the human nature into His divine nature, but that He attached the human nature of the man Jesus Christ to Himself. The divine nature did not change, but assumed the flesh of the human nature. "

    "When the Son of God assumes, or takes upon Himself, the human nature of Jesus Christ, the union of the two natures adds nothing but a “relationship” to the person of the Son"...

    ..."that one person, the eternal Son, expresses Himself through both natures in their respective capacities."


    I beleive Jesus is 100% God and 100% Man, however, I have heard Chuck Swindoll describe Jesus like this: "God wrapped in flesh." Is that enough of an emphasis on the Humanity of Jesus? I prefer to think of Jesus as all God and all Man minus the Sin Nature we all have. In other words, Jesus' Humanity is like that of Adam before the fall. Would this be a correct understanding?

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

    Yo Mike

    How are you sir. Adam, before the fall was not sealed in righteousness ... so his nature most certainly differed from Jesus.

    Johnny H,

    Jesus humanity was perfect. Yes, I believe that. He was incapable of sin, but Adam wasn't. Thanks for the clarification.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

    i believe that even the scriptures reveal very clearly that He is God and He is man. He is not a concocted blend of God and man, being perhaps 50% God and 50% man. He is full and undiminished deity and true humanity - in one Person.

    Pardon me, but 100% Man and 100% God???

    Is there a bible verse that defines this to be so?

    If its not written then its simply a personal interpretation.

    Jesus Christ has already proclaimed that his Father is the ONLY TRUE GOD in John 17:1-5.

    So whatever excuse thru one's personal interpretation the TRUE JESUS CHRIST attested that his Father is the ONLY TRUE GOD. Even though people would say that he is this and that.

    If it is so important that we know Jesus to be a true God then may we ask what verse in the bible can we find that the TRUE JESUS taught that he is also a TRUE GOD? or TRUE GOD AND TRUE MAN?

    The TRUE CHRIST never taught this because he already made it clear that his Father is the ONLY TRUE GOD.

    Same goes with Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 8:5-6. For us there is ONLY ONE GOD...THE FATHER.

    There is no such thing as 100% God and 100% Man. One cannot be 100% if you mixed it.

    If you say my cup is 100% in essence there's no mix. If you mix it with 100% Sugar would you still get 100% Coffee? or 100% Sugar? of course not.

    So if you believe that your Jesus is 100% God and 100% Man... would he need to be save from the power of death if he is indeed 100% God and at the same time 100% Man?

    Read Hebrews 5:7 and be enlightened of the TRUE JESUS CHRIST.


    Here's an article that gives further Biblical evidence for the claim of Jesus being fully God and fully man.

    Concerning the 1 Cor 8:5-6 passage you cite (actually you only cite half of the verse and the other half you fail to quote completely refutes your argument) please see this video:

    Regarding the other verses you cite, they are dealt with comprehensively in the book "The Forgotten Trinity" by Dr. James White.

    He is God and he is man. philippians 2:6-11

    My eyes were shockingly opened when our assistant broke it down how Jesus did not come 100% God n man. He came in flesh like you and I and dwelt among us. Then he had another scripture how He left his deity and came here to identify with man that how he felt what we did...I thought there was a scripture on the 100% but there is none it is in theory thank you Jesus, I see who you are.

    can we live 100% life of Jesus as human being.?

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