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    Monergism T-Shirt Design Contest Finalists

    Monergism T-Shirt Design Contest Finalists

    Have a good look at these over the weekend. We will tell you who the winner is early next week. Feel free to comment on the blog if you like any of them.

    Posted by John on July 20, 2007 12:10 PM


    The "Regeneration" t-shirt, heart of stone to flesh. That was the best in my opinion.

    My favorites, in no particular order:

    The baby-blue one with the green and grey letters

    The "If anyone should ask..." Spurgeon quote

    The Matt Johnson one that says "Five Solas" on the front and lists them on the back.

    I have three favorites that I think have a nice balance of simplicity and creativity. I like the black five solas shirt with the number 5 on both sides, the blue five solas shirt, and the regeneration shirt with the cool anatomical breakdown of the heart.

    Definitely the "Regeneration" shirt.

    I also like the baby-blue one with the green and grey letters. And I like the second one from the top "Whatever the Lord pleases He does...".

    I thought there were a lot of good designs, but I think those were my favorites.

    I want the Luther shirt.

    Wow... those are some great designs! Of course, I am partial to my own... but I love the Regeneration & Spurgeon tees... in that order. Do you have to choose only one?? I'd be proud to wear any of those... but, please... I'm young and poor... and I need books!!! Vote for me.

    1. The Five Solas of the Faith
    2. What is a Calvinist quote by Spurgeon.
    3. Regeneration

    I also like the baby blue one with the solas in the green and grey letters.

    All these are really nice...but the one I mentioned is my favorite.

    Absolutely love the heart of stone/flesh one. Also the Martin Luther and first solas prints. How about selling them all?

    The first one with the ALONE sets the tone of the biblical nature of the five solas. The simplicity of design makes if a nice shirt to wear.

    I also liked the (front) Luther and the (back) quote by Luther.

    I LOVE elegance of the first one - also the fact that it is black. We have the "particular redemption" tee and it is made of high quality fabric and the black is a very vivid shade.

    Definitely love the "Regeneration" Design the best.

    A close second would have to be the "TULIP".

    They are all great designs. I like the Regeneration one and light blue one with gray and green letters.


    that is some amazing design

    I also like the baby blue one, it kinda gets the calvinist way of thinking out of the blackness associated with it among the rest of the church, not that we need to but it is the doctrines of Grace, which the light came into the world to give to us. i know kinda out there but thats what I first thought

    While they are all great designs, I personally liked "The Five Solas" the best. A close runner up would be "Regeneration".

    Thanks to all who took the time to design these shirts!

    I liked the Warfield Shirt. The Luther Shirt and Matt Johnson's Tulip shirt with the three quotes on the back

    I like the regeneration the most. Really cool design! I would buy that t-shirt.

    The 5 Solas of the Faith

    Great designs every one, I do believe we should focus on the message not the men. My top three, The 1st & 2nd design as a front and back. The regenerated heart. The black five solas. Better yet sell them all.

    I like them all. You should carry a full line of shirts with all of the designs. I would buy each of them, if they came in black!

    I'm with the rest of the crowd - the Regeneration design stands out as the best.

    The 'Regeneration' T-shirt. Wonderful!!

    Wow, there are some super talented people out there! My favorite is the blue one with all the solas listed but I would wear any of these proudly!

    My first picks are the brown "Regeneration" shirt and the baby blue "five solas" shirt with yellow and brown lettering (though I think the latin's a bit messy on that).

    Regeneration ! ! !

    There are several designs I really love. How cruel of you to make us choose only one! :)
    I like the Matt Johnson 5 Solas the best. Followed closely by the very first one - 5 solas again. I can't help it, The solas fire me up!
    The Luther shirt looks great too, as well as Regeneration. I think I would buy them all if given the option...

    The design that I would not hesitate to buy and am STRONGLY pulling for is the Martin Luther design. GO LUTHER!

    You have received some great designs. But if I had to choose only one, I would pick the the baby blue five solas shirt. I love simplicity and the five solas, but I noticed something that seemed incorrect to me about the t-shirt. I'm no expert in Latin, but shouldn't the t-shirt say "solus Christus" and "soli Deo gloria"?

    How cruel to offer only one! They should all be available to buy. May the best designer win.

    Wow! Some great designs here! Gotta go with Regeneration (even though no reference to Ezekiel 36:26! Oh well, gives us something to bring up in conversation with those that God brings us into relationship).

    Oh! I'd print the Regeneration on an Olive Tee instead of brown. If you go with brown, I'll still like it, just not as much.

    My favorites are the 2 "5 sola" shirts...they are both nice, especially the blue one. I also like the Regeneration shirt.

    i agree with most of the rest of you and would likely wear all of the designs. although i must say that the spurgeon quote and the warfield quote are both up there on my list.
    also, if anyone could make a shirt only containing the picture of piper found on the "building up of the saints" t-shirt i would wear that every day.

    Please consider:
    Matt Johnson's "Five Solas", JS "5 Solas V2", and JS "Regeneration" for long-sleeve T's and hoodies.
    I also liked the BB Warfield for a plain white t.

    When can i place my order?


    Ooops, Also Reinke's Spurgeon t as well :)


    Regeneration! That one is awesome, well thought out, and fully biblical.

    it may be me, but I think you should extend the design time, there are some decent concepts but all fall a bit short on execution

    I'm a big fan of the baby blue Five Solas t-shirt. I'd definitely buy that one. It's simple and subtle and I think it'd be a great conversation-starter.

    All of them are great.

    My favorite is the "REGENERATION" shirt.

    I also liked the "Martin Luther T-Shirt" and the Spurgeon' "Calvinist - Salvation is of the Lord" shirt

    God's blessing to all who participated and to you, John, in your decision-making.

    I've never been much of a t-shirt message person, but of the choices offered I think the first, the one with the 5 sola alone, conveys the message best and in a dignified manner appropriate to the gospel. I am concerned that too often we reflect our culture's media methods and end up trivializing the most important message we can offer our brothers and sisters. We are not selling a product; we are striving for the eternal salvation of God's elect. Respectfully submitted, with love, Bill J.

    Bill, that is a great point. I think the church has strived so hard to keep up with popular culture that she now reeks of the world. It's not a good sign that we can go into 90% of our youth groups today and not be able to tell them apart from from the world in which they are sent to evangelize... perhaps this is a good topic for a new blog?

    Here's a question... should we all wear the same clothes? Our God is a God of diversity... And regards to "selling"... yes, we are selling the gospel to the un-redeemed - and it needs to look good! We should not take no for an answer so easily, (convincing ourselves that they are not amoung the elect), but we should earnestly compell men and women to turn to God (I preach to myself). Spurgeon was the best at this - a hard-core Calvinist who begged men to come to the light, even though he knew they could not, apart from God's grace. That is our call as well bretheren...

    The water is always the same, but the vessel used to serve it changes with culture.

    And finally the use of the term "dignified" indicated that there were some which were "un-dignified"... Might I ask in love... does the church determine what is undignified, or does the Bible? Ridiculous schisms have occurred in The Church for petty differences over dress and music... we need to let the non-essentials go if we are going to have unity. Amen?

    Always Reforming,
    Matt J.

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